The Lil Fay Chronicles
An ongoing piece for volume 16 of The Sketchbook Project, a global initiative by The Brooklyn Art Library.
Ink and Illustration Marker on a handbound sketchbook with marker paper.
Started February 2020
Lil Fay 228s
Ink and Marker on USPS shipping labels, laminated with holographic film - February 2020
Year of the Trash Rat Envelopes 
Ink and Illustration Marker - January 2020
Pineapple Fuckface watercolors
Watercolor and Ink - November 2019
Angry Animals
Gouache & Watercolor - August 2019
Felt Kaiju Red Envelopes ( Godzilla, Gigan, Hedorah, Destroyah & Mothra)
Felt, Thread, Buttons, Metal brads, Pipecleaner, Paper - December 2018
the goatbunny tarot
78 printed cards with card meaning booklet in a tuck box. All images are from original watercolor pieces.
2014 - 2018
Animal Guardian: X-acto Owl
Watercolor and ink - August 2018
Pineapple Fuckface watercolors
Watercolor and ink - August 2018
King Weasel
Gouache - April 2018
Year of the Dog: Red Envelopes - The Littlest Hobo, Laika, Dino
 Ink & Watercolor - January 2018
Let It Snow
Ink & Watercolor - November 2017
Motivational Dinocorns & Prehistoricorns
Ink and marker - 2017
Kaiju Friends - based on Toho movie kaiju
Watercolor - 2016-2018
City Guaradians
Watercolor and ink - October 2017​​​​​​​
Barnyard Guardians
Watercolor and ink - March - August 2017
Woodland Guardians
Watercolor and ink - ​​​​​​​March 2017
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