A Selection of Work from 2020
Animal Guardians Kids
February 2020
Underachievers Club Food
January-February 2020
Year of the Trash Rat 
digital version of Red Envelopes for 2020's Red Envelope Show in BK and LA
January 2020
A Selection of Work from 2019
S'All Good Gang
Dec 2019
Meet the Artist 2019 (new business card design)
November 2019
Chasin' Chikins (with detail view)
November 2019
Lil Fay PSA - Seat Space & Cover Your Cough
October 2019
Underachievers Club
August 2019
Kaiju Crew
June 2019
Motivational Dinocorns -  Redesigned
April 2019
Animal Guardians - Redesigned
March 2019
Patreon Tier images
March 2019
Digital Pineapple Fuckface sketches
February 2019
Tom & Goatbunny
February 2019
Critter designs
February 2019
Lil Fay X Comics: Venomized Fay, Bane Fay & Spider-Fay 2099
January 2019
A Selection of Work From 2018
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